155 / 369



4494 / 9526

Best maps
cbble 52% 14 / 27
dust2 51% 37 / 73
Last maps
Date Map Result Score VS team
11.04.2016 cache win 22 - 19
11.04.2016 inferno lose 6 - 16
11.04.2016 dust2 lose 11 - 16
10.04.2016 dust2 lose 5 - 16 ALTERNATE
10.04.2016 overpass win 16 - 13 ALTERNATE
10.04.2016 cache win 16 - 12 ALTERNATE
20.03.2016 cbble lose 6 - 16 CPH Wolves
20.03.2016 inferno lose 10 - 16 CPH Wolves
15.03.2016 mirage win 16 - 5 HellRaisers
24.02.2016 cache lose 7 - 16 CSGL
24.02.2016 cbble lose 14 - 16 CSGL
22.02.2016 cache lose 7 - 16 SK
22.02.2016 mirage lose 3 - 16 SK
06.02.2016 dust2 win 16 - 6 Playing Ducks
06.02.2016 cache win 16 - 6 Playing Ducks
29.01.2016 dust2 lose 3 - 16
29.01.2016 cache lose 7 - 16
20.12.2015 cache win 16 - 6 Playing Ducks
20.12.2015 mirage win 16 - 8 Playing Ducks
05.12.2015 dust2 lose 17 - 19 KILLERFISH
Throwback | PENTA Sports in 2016

The first official match for our new Rainbow 6 squad was against Supremacy_FR in the ESL Pro League.

Our attacking side on Villa wasn't the best, but once we swapped to the defense, we made sure to bring our A-Game and close down the match.

Here are some great moments from the match.


ARCTIC, Wiko,, 20th Century Fox #sunmaker

Rainbow 6 Pro League Season 8 | PENTA Sports vs Supremacy

Our match against Chaos in Rainbow 6 Pro League ends up in a tie.

We showed some great attacking rounds, but we will definitely need to improve our defense capabilities on Bank.

The next match is scheduled for 27th of September when we're set to face off versus Mock-it Esports.

#R6PL #rainbow6

Is this one of the worst ways to die in Fortnite? ????

Credit to Hypohamster for creating this awesome clip!

New Partnership | PENTA Sports & 20th Century Fox

It's a big moment for us at PENTA Sports!

We're happy to announce the partnership with one of the biggest film studios in the world - 20th Century Fox

The partnership will unite gamers and movie enthusiasts. Therefore, PENTA Sports will support 20th Century Fox and promote movies, such as Alita Battle Angel or X-Men within the esports and gaming community – a natural fit of interest.

Here is what Volker Lauster, the Marketing Director at 20th Century Fox of Germany had to say about the cooperation: "Esports is a very interesting touch point for us and we are delighted that we will from now on cooperate with a partner like PENTA Sports. In our industry storytelling is essential and we will bring that storytelling to esports in the time to come. For us, it was very important to find a trustworthy partner, who has a close relationship with its fans. We are looking forward to a bright future around 20th Century Fox and PENTA Sports in the world of esports. "

The following is the statement from Hendrik Goetzendorff, Managing Director of PENTA Sports;"Together we will explore new adventures in esports world and liven up the power of content for our fans and partners. I want to thank Markus Schneider, Volker Lauster and of course Vincent De La Tour for the trust they have in esports and especially in PENTA Sports, which is not to be taken for granted."Additionally, a world-class entertainment will be featured in PENTA Sports Performance Center (ELZ), where 450 sqm area is going to be transformed into a movie theme space.This is the place where esports and Fox movies will meld.

With that said "let the curtain rise and action!"

#20thcenturyfox #pentasports #partnership